What you see here is the entry page to the famous ankerl.com clan. Here is an index of the sites hosted here:

Main Stuff

Keto Calculator
This calculator finds out how you should eat on a ketogenic diet.
Martin Ankerl's website about programming, agile software development, Ruby, Java, and much more.
Aikido Schule Steyr.
Khmer Unterricht
Socheat Chorn bietet Khmer Unterricht, Übersetzung, und Dolmetsch in Wien an. Ausserdem noch Chinesisch für Anfänger.
Back in 2003 or so I wrote a few programs and optimizer for the programming game CoreWars. All the old stuff is now back online here. A more recent blog post is here.

Search Engines

Search engine for open source software. This engine contains a huge amount of open source sites and is regularly updated.
Search engine specially for Sun's JDK Javadoc.

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